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(prices subject to change without notice)


Initial Consultation
​​20-30 min - FREE!

Taking your health into your own hands can be, at first, an overwhelming endeavor. It greatly helps if you know you are on the correct path for yourself and you are completely at ease with your chosen therapy.

This consultation can be in person or over the phone. We will discuss your goals and explain the intake forms if you choose to follow through with the full Nutritional Assessment.

Full Nutritional Assessment
​​90 min - $80

After your initial consultation, we ask that you return the Lifestyle Assessment Form & Food Journal (once you finish with them) and book your assessment visit at a convenient time. 

We will utilize your provided information to formulate a specific plan for you to begin your new nutritional path with food ideas, recipes, fitness goals and any other information relevant to your personal situation. 

Follow-up​ Assessments
​​30-40 min - $50

You are free to choose whether you feel you need more support over the weeks or months following your Nutritional Assessment as your needs may change as you conquer your goals over time.

These visits are meant for continuing support to aid you in your wellness journey. 

Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination 
​​Full Consultation, Muscle Testing & BIE - $70
When we experience reactions to food and/or environmental stressors, it means our bodies do not recognise the frequency of that stressor and will try to get rid of it (through our elimination systems) or store it in our fat cells.
Reacting to things that should be good for us is not normal . 
              can help to rebalance your cellular energy systems so that  your body can recognise and utilize nutrients that should be beneficial for you.
Muscle testing and pathology will help us find the path to successfully utilize this non invasive balancing method. 
Grocery Store Tours
​​40-60 min - $50

The grocery store can be a daunting place with marketing claims shouting out at you from thousands of products, each one claiming to be better than the next.

Learn how to decipher those claims, read labels and to find better options at your favourite store (or perhaps a new one that you are hesitant to visit).  

Environmental Toxin Reduction Consulting

60 min - $50

Do you want to decrease your chemical load but don't know where to begin?

This service will teach you to identify and avoid toxic household cleaning, skin, hair & body products to purify your home and body.

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